Obscure Gems No 6 Seahog Traverse

This little gem of obscurity is remarkably hidden in the Slot Area, on the platforms closest to the parking at Reiff. If we had to give a good old fashioned grid reference it would be NB963144. Walk over the grazings and guddle about a bit until you stumble on a dry non-tidal slot, less than 5 minutes from the car.


The grade given for the traverse is font 7b, but it looks a piece if piss as it obviously has no hard moves. You just monkey along a juggy rail, how hard can it be. However, as soon as you try to link together more than a couple of moves all becomes clear. First, the wall overhangs by 41 degrees and secondly the footholds are wee and scrittly.


Here’s Ullapool local Eadan Cunningham taking down the rig on the first ascent way back in 2015.