The Cape Wrath Trail

Widely regarded as the toughest backpacking trail in the UK, the Cape Wrath Trail is a 3-week, 200-mile epic from Fort William to the most north-westerly point of the mainland. Winding through beautiful glens and past stunning mountains, it takes you to some of Scotland's finest country including Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt. There is a fantastic guide to the trail written by Iain Harper and published by Cicerone Press.


After the best part of two weeks you pop out at Inverlael which is about 7 miles from Ullapool. Here you have a choice; do you stay on the main trail or divert to the bright lights of Ullapool? It is an bit of a slog along a busy road, so one option is to call a taxi from Ullapool to come and collect you from the phone box at Inverlael. Try Ewan's Taxis 07801 355510 or Ullapool Taxis 07517 612619. After resting and restocking, instead of returning to Invelael you could use an alternative stage  which leaves from the back of Ullapool and winds pleasantly along the Ullapool and Rhidorroch rivers before rejoining the main route near Knockdamph bothy. This has the additional advantage of avoiding one of the nastier un-tracked sections with its potential dangerous river crossing.

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The Midges!

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