Obscure Gems No 3 Boiler Suit

Boiler Suit is a boulder problem so mean, so dangerous and so bad tempered, that it had to be caged off to keep the general public safe.

It lies at NH 113972 on Cnoc Breac, a 243m hill 3km North of Ullapool. The hillside has many scattered crags, but only a few have worthwhile bouldering. Park at  the highpoint of the road from Ullapool to Ardmair, then quest east for 5 minutes towards the obvious escarpment running directly up the hill to the summit. Boiler Suit is the growling undercut nose at the right end of the escarpment. The locals say it is only 6B, or 6B+, or 6C, or something.

First climbed by Lawrence Hughes during a break from painting Andy Cunningham's shed way back in 2003, an old Celtic legend tells that it was initially ascended wearing a boiler suit and recently some rare photos have been unearthed from the Ullapool Museum vaults that confirm this.

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