Glen Golly and Bealach Horn

This absorbing loop east of Arkle in North West Scotland takes in some amazing countryside, combined with some interesting riding on a mountain bike.

Starting just north of Achfary this circuit follows the same start to Arkle before breaking east up through the Bealach na Feithe down to Gobernuisgach lodge then taking a left turn heading up into Glen Golly. A single track then takes you back west through some rough terrain before you lose all the height your legs have fought for by dropping down next to An Dubh loch where you're then faced with a punishing climb to the Bealach Horn. Once here it's 5km of down hill the whole way.

Well worth the effort.

Ben Stack in the distance from the Bealach na Feithe. 

Looking back up to the Bealach with Coire an Achaidh on the left.

Heading up Glen Golly you eventually have to deal with this steep climb on Creag Dubh. Hopefully you've packed your Chris Hoy legs because now is the time to deploy them.

Ben Hope 

Heading west towards Creagan Meall Horn with the Bealach Horn to its right.

Strath Dionard

An Dubh Loch below Creagan Meall Horn

The Bealach Horn climb. Hopefully you packed a 2nd set of Chris Hoy legs


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