North West Outdoors Trust Award 2018


The North West Outdoors Trust received three applications for the 2018 grant. These were:

  1. A basket ball hoop for Goat Crag.

  2. A sofa for Am Fasgadh.

  3. A new lower-off krab for Fighting off the Vultures at Moy Rock.

After much deliberation the trustees have awarded the entire £10 to the Moy Rock lower-off.


Ullapool Bouldering PDF


Even by the standards of the day, Ullapool Bouldering was a shoddy amateur effort when it was first published way back in March 2008. It looked like it was written using a combination of a typewriter and crayon. It was full of mistakes and used an archaic grading system. It’s been out of print for many years and is completely out of date anyway. But second hand copies, especially the rare duct tape bound edition, can be sold on eBay for ludicrous prices like 99p. Unfortunately the chances of an updated version are zero, but the good news is you can get a PDF of the original for free.

Just click HERE.


Here’s Nigel Holmes on the classic Billy the Kid on the Goat Boulder, Dundonnell. Pic by Ann Falconer.