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Horizon Men's Workwear Socks 2 Pack


Workwear socks have to be durable yet comfortable. They need to stand up to the rigours of a hard day’s work without the necessary care and attention lavished on some of its more pampered outdoor sock cousins. The solution is to use new wool with strong polyamide. New wool is wool that has not been previously used meaning the wool has not sustained any damage. What new wool fibres lack in softness it more than make up for in strength and durability. The tight knit loop pile has a ribbed finished to the upper foot and leg, which, with the grip sections and Lycra content continually provide a great fit despite the use and abuse they suffer.

Size 9 - 12

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  • In-turned welt for a relaxed comfortable fit

  • Reinforced heel & toe in durable polyamide

  • Lycra for shape retention and fit

  • Ribbed leg


65% Wool, 35% Polyamide