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Le Chameau Neoprene-Lined Ceres boots

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The lightness of a neoprene-lined Le Chameau boot combined with the performance of a Michelin sole. Reinforced country boot, XL curved upper with widened calf fittings.

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Additional Info

  • High boot and shaped to fit the calf
  • Larger fit (larger sizing at the ankle and instep)
  • Upper: natural rubber
  • Lining: full-grain leather
  • Sole: Michelin
  • Leg length: 40,5cm
  • Calf size: 43cm
  • *Measures for a 43 size

Sole: Michelin

Dual rubber compound, grip from pneumatic style tread for greater performance (adherence, long life, comfort).

Lining: Neoprene

Le Chameau uses only the highest quality neoprene. Originally used to make diving suits, neoprene has excellent insulating properties and prevents the wearer’s body heat from dissipating. Le Chameau

neoprene is composed of micro bubbles, assuring resiliency, thermal insulation capacity and elastic memory. Available in 3mm for comfortable wear in temperatures down to -15C and 5mm for comfortable wear in temperatures down to -25C.